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Bitcoin Brokerage

Confidential and Discreet Since 2015

FluidSix is a low cost brokage for confidential, discreet and international exchanges in USD for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and hundreds of other digital currencies. Standard brokerage fees are:

BUY from FluidSix: Spot Market Plus Small Service Fee (better then all exchanges)
SELL to FluidSix: Spot Market Minus Small Service Fee

Most digital Payment methods accepted including PayPal, Bank Deposit, Bank Transfer, Bank Wire, Western Union.

Quick Buy

Immediate Release of Bitcoin
First time clients of FluidSix are required to make a small purchase to start account. After this purchase, you are then able to work a broker to purchase larger amounts at a discounted rate. PLEASE NOTE: This is for first time purchases only, any purchases after must be done directly with a broker or will be refunded at the cost of the buyer.

Rates are based off current spot market rate plus our service fee.

For a Quick Buy quote, please email IAN@FLUIDSIX.COM with the amout of BTC you are interested in buying.

Bitcoin Insights

Resourse Library

Below are some of the more commonly requested materials.

Free Market Trends Guide: DOWNLOAD
How Bitcoin works (for the techy): VIDEO
Complete History of Bitcoin: ARTICLE

Fund Management

A New Type of Investment

FluidSix offers fund management for the investor looking for something new and creative. Founded by a digital vetran, FluidSix allows people to diversify their portfolio by getting access to the niche cryptocurrency space. Having operating in the digital landscape for years and with a well-respected reputation for integrity and excellence, you gain access to opportunities in a new fast paced growth market.

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Dedicated Support

Our specialists are available online, by emal or by phone to help with all aspects of your cryptocurrency needs and bitcoin trades. Feel free to reach out to us at the contact below:

David D. - Director of Marketing:
Tyler C. - Director of Operations:
Ian F. - Head Trader: